Performance Measurement


Performance Measurement and Reporting Domain Experts

Burr IST have a proven track record in the design and implementation of high quality, cost effective performance measurement and reporting systems.

Performance measurement drives continuous improvement. It can be used to focus improvement, share best practice, win work and drive innovation. BurrĀ IST’s online performance measurement systems allow organisations and Institutes to create a focal hub for performance measurement calculation, comparison and reporting.

As well as using national or regional statistics to benchmark against, if appropriate, the information collected by the system can also go on to form its own benchmark group or reference for the benefit of the partners and stakeholders.

Online Key Performance Indicator calculators and benchmarking systems.

The Centre for Construction Innovation, CCI, is the North West Centre of Excellence for the construction industry, promoting best practice, managing cultural change and delivering a safe, sustainable and continuously improving built environment sector.

Burr IST has worked closely with CCI and Constructing Excellence for more than 10 years, developing their suite of industry leading performance measurement products including their KPI Zone, the KPI Engine and Carbon Calculator.

The KPI Engine allows organisations to calculate their Key Performance Indicators, store them by project and organisation and produce charts and reports, comparing results with other internal projects, benchmark groups or national averages. Burr IST was involved with the project from the initial concept stage in 2004 and met regularly with CCI’s team to define and develop the design and functionality. Since then the product has grown in sophistication and capability and BurrĀ IST has continued to partner CCI throughout. The system is currently used by hundreds of professionals from blue chip construction companies to record, report and compare their business’ performance data. You can read a case study here

Carbon Calculator

Online Carbon Calculator

The CCI/Envirolink Carbon Calculator is designed to help main contractors and their supply chains measure the carbon emissions associated with the construction process and benchmark their performance against their other projects and peers.

Performance Measurement can only be of value if the correct information is made available. JetViewer is the ideal tool to access the information you need to accurately measure performance.