Turning Data Into Knowledge

Burr IST has developed a library of in-house building blocks that mean that high-quality, responsive, web applications and integrated mobile applications can be built extremely quickly and cost-effectively.

We have extensive experience in extracting and combining data from a wide variety of data sources, providing a unified view of your information.


Our integration products and systems incrementally extract, integrate, map and transform data across data sources including Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle and SIMS

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Data-Driven Web Applications

Burr IST provides fast, effective, high-quality development of web applications. Examples include interactive learning games and systems and test equipment monitoring and reporting.

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Performance Measurement

These systems allow groups, organisations and networks to calculate, record and compare performance data. Performance Measurement systems include benchmarking, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Carbon Calculators and Business Reporting.

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Collaborative Hubs

Central on-line repositories of information allowing multiple users and organisations to share and disseminate their information within their organisations and to wider groups. These systems provide an accessible, easy-to-manage, central point for information.

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